Rattlenake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge

An awesome view of the Snoqualmie River valley with half the elevation gain and sadism of Mailbox? What’s not to like about Rattlesnake? The trail conditions were great for a late February rainy season day. It was almost sixty degrees and you can’t ask for a better day for where we are in the dreariness calendar right now. There was almost no snow, ice or water on the trail and ice trekkers/yaktraxs seemed unnecessary, unless you wanted to look really serious and impressive for any friends or potential dates you might have brought with you. Temperatures are dipping in the next few days though, so it never hurts to throw them in your bag, just in case. Hiking poles are always helpful for any trail with elevation gain, but with a lot of switchbacks, Rattlesnake never flirts with being a particularly steep ascent. 

Hazards were pretty minimal with the day’s pristine conditions. I mean, there were a lot of dogs, so if you have an aversion to dogs, this might not be your trail, because you’re going to get sniffed a lot. Animal allergies aside, it’s pretty low stress stuff. If I honestly had to peg a hazard, it’s that even at a relatively modest 2,000 foot summit, it can be windy and I’ve heard some sad stories of people falling off the ledge. So, please exercise caution at the top and remind yourself that no picture is worth dying over. 

That being said, the view from the summit is quite breathtaking for a low difficulty, low elevation climb. From the top you can see the Cedar River watershed where we get our drinking water from, you know, if seeing where we get our drinking water from is your thing. There’s also a view of the always reliably impressive Mount Si and you can even make out the terrible, terrible Mailbox Peak in the distance, whose name shall only be uttered in the most contemptuous of fashions. 

Like Little Si, Rattlesnake is a great bunny hill hike if you want to take unconditioned newcomers on a trail that has limited elevation gain and a great view. Sure, you could go over to Mailbox and probably get a better view, but you also have a higher chance of your calves exploding on that trail as my hiking partner so vividly related to me, so that’s always something to keep in mind when planning your afternoon. Weigh the importance of your calves for the next few days before making any rash decisions. Either way, be sure to check out Rattlesnake if you're in the area. It's a wonderful day hike! 

Questionnaire/Arbitrary Rating System For Rattlesnake Ledge:
Distance – 4.0 miles
Difficulty – 3
View – 7
Picnic at the Summit? – Depends on the wind
Distance From Mailbox Peak – Not far enough